EVENT: Ottawa Wine & Food Festival 2015

Over Halloween weekend, Alexander Vlad and Christopher Eades had the opportunity to be the official media lads for the 2015 edition of the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival.  Over the last 30 years the event has transformed into an institution, and in addition to industry folks, it consistently draws a curiously well dressed cross section of the general public.  The event video is in production now, but here are some of our favourite stills from the show.

OWFF2015_web-357 OWFF2015_web-346 OWFF2015_web-318 OWFF2015_web-306

OWFF2015_web-298 OWFF2015_web-291 OWFF2015_web-190 OWFF2015_web-169 OWFF2015_web-130 OWFF2015_web-129 OWFF2015_web-115 OWFF2015_web-99 OWFF2015_web-69 OWFF2015_web-55 OWFF2015_web-31 OWFF2015_web-29 OWFF2015_web-23