The Captivate Creative Studios Blog is curated by Alexander Vlad & Christopher Eades.

Alexander Vlad is the founder of Captivate Creative Studios. Born in Ottawa, Alexander is a world traveler with international roots having lived in Canada, USA, Ireland, England, Romania and Qatar – his travels have given him invaluable insight into international markets and have given him fodder for an array of published works across North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Since 2005 Alexander has been a freelance photographer and designer, although his background was journalism and interactive multimedia. In 2007, he established Captivate Creative Studios, a Montréal-based production company specializing in portraits and location lighting.In 2008 the convergence of storytelling technology prompted Captivate to get serious about video production. Alexander had his first solo exhibition in 2011. Entitled MIXED SIGNALS, he showcased four unique series of photographs from New York, his work with the music industry, his travels in the Gulf region and urban landscapes from his hometown, Ottawa. Everything was self-printed on 100% cotton rag paper.

More recently, Alexander was director of photography for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar. He also worked for the United Nations during the COP18/CMP8 conference on climate change in Doha as the presidential pavilion photographer. In both situations he was working in direct contact with royalty, dignitaries and masters of the arts.

Alex is currently shooting commercial and editorial photography in Ottawa.

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Born and raised in the farming community of Shawville, Christopher was attracted to the media arts and quickly became interested in photography.

Chris joined Captivate Creative Studios in 2011 as an assistant, but quickly began taking on his own commissions, shooting environmental portraiture, events and food. His work is heavily influenced by the people he encountered, street culture and fashion.

Chris now specializes in unique portraits, fashion lookbooks and event documentation.