INDUSTRY: Some Lessons From Shep Gordon

If you haven’t seen Mike Myers award-winning documentary Supermensch, stop what you’re doing and watch it right now.  It’s about Shep Gordon, one of the most prolific managers that ever lived, who was responsible for some of the most incredible arts-marketing moves of all time.

Some lessons from Shep Gordon (the biggest creative industry OG of them all).

1) If you have no wife and no kids, you have nothing to lose, so put it all on the line from time to time. How’s not giving your absolute everything been working out for you?
2) Where your career starts isn’t where it has to end.
3) Guilt by association isn’t always a bad thing. (He basically made Anne Murray’s career by getting John Lennon, Alice Cooper and the drinking club, the Hollywood Vampires to come and be photographed with Anne. The buzz from that got her on Midnight Special which was her big breakout moment in the US).
4) Do compassionate business. There are no winners and losers, only winners.
5) All the opportunity in the world isn’t worth a damn if you don’t have the skills. Some of the biggest moves in music history were the brain child of a relationship that paired unquestionable management with incredible talent, but talent alone isn’t enough. All the best ships have navigators.
6) Sometime you have to save every bullet in the gun for one shot. You have to make a decisive plays.
7) Get the money.
8) Always remember to get the money.
9) Never forget to always remember to get the money.
10) In rock and roll, if you can get the parents to hate you, the kids will love you.

Bonus: Don’t put your own happiness on the back burner.