Shad K & Thunderheist @ The Observatory – Sep8/09

In the burrows of Ottawa’s west end, an area far detached from the bustling stone corridors and vibrant night life of the capital city’s centre, Algonquin College finds itself in a location particularly prone to debauchery. In the shady pits of Deerfield, or even outside the shining student rez, “those nights” tend to happen in record numbers. Things can get ugly. Thankfully, last night was not one of “those nights.” On the contrary, it was an outing oozing with music and bubbling with good times.Shad & Remi

After an interview with Shad K – one of the freshest cats at the forefront of the new wave of Canadian hip hop – I was taking in a few brews at The Observatory, wondering where Vlad was at. We were supposed to shoot a set with Shad, so I figured Vlad wasn’t gonna show. Sure enough, at that moment, who do I see walking from the front of the stage, where he’d been shooting Thunderheist?

While we showed up at different times, it didn’t take long for me and Vlad to find ourselves on the same page. The goal seemed pretty simple: Find a good setting, grab Shad and take some pictures. Not so. The Observatory is notoriously hard on photographers, and has been since I went to J school at Algonquin some years back. I’m not sure why, but they won’t let you shoot in there for any worthwhile period of time. So, of course, someone in the place, who Vlad reports looked like Peter Jackson (pre-gastric bypass surgery), got into Vlad for being too liberal with his camera and, as such, we were forced to take our party elsewhere. It was something of a headache pulling Shad out of his dressing room, bringing him back to the gig and then being told that we had to go somewhere else to take the shots we were after. But long story short: We went back to the room, set up, and were finished within minutes. As Shad is a post-graduate student working towards his MA in liberal studies, we thought it would be cool to set him up at a white board, looking like he was teaching a class. The end result? You tell us. The shots are posted and we definitely hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Talk to ya soon!



Big Thanks: Ken McLeod, Kat Stewart, Shad, Thunderheist and Algonquin College.